Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Everyday Autumnal make-up • oliviamayharker

Hey guys,

Who wants to see my go to make up look for Autumn? And are you feeling the Autumnal vibe on my blog yet?

Up until around July this year I didn't wear a shred of make up, I just never had the time. I was lazy, but suddenly I decided that I wanted to build up my make up collection and be one of those people with draws and draws full. Unfortunately, that didn't happen but it is still a 'working progress'.

In no way am I any 'make up guru' like some people claim to be. Yawn. But I do know I am rather interested beauty, who doesn't enjoy a gander around Boots? Now, let's crack on...

 The Overlook


First of all with my base, I try and keep it light, so I don't feel like my face is caked up. I use Rimmel Match Perfection in the shade 100 Ivory applied with a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, do I need to say much about these brushes? Sam Chapman, you did good.
Also, Collection's Lasting Perfection concealer is something you will all have heard about if you are part of the blogging/Youtube world. So freaking good.

 Onto the cheek area. For this look, I used a Bourjois cream blush in the shade 01 Nude Velvet. These are my weakness, as soon as you apply them they turn to powder. (Now I've just gone to look for the link I've noticed they're £2 off in Boots, holy moly, blogging is bad for my bank). The Real techniques stippling brush is perfect for applying cream blush.

Also, on the tops of my cheek bones I use a MAC mineralise skin finish in Soft and Gentle as a highlighter. I love this because it's so good for everyday and evenings. I apply this with a Real Techniques Contour brush from the Core Collection.

  My holy grail is the Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay. I no doubt use it every single day.
Firstly, I'll use the shade 'Half Baked' (second one in from the left) as a wash all over my lid with the Base Shadow brush from the Real Techniques Starter set.

 Then I use the MAC eye shadow above, in the shade 'Sumptuous Olive' which is, you guessed it, an olivey green colour which is very 'sumptuous' indeed. I put this colour in the outer corner of my eye and build up the colour gradually. I'll then go back in with the Naked 2 palette and the shade 'Snake Bite' (6th one in from the left) and use the Real Techniques accent brush to lightly outline my outer V. The next step is crucial. BLEND, GIRLS, BLEND. I use the Deluxe crease brush from Real Techniques, and just blend until it goes lovely and smokey. Finally I'll use a shade in the Naked 2 called 'Bootycall' (3rd one in from the left' as an inner corner and brow bone highlight. I curl my lashes, and coat them in L'Oreals false lash flutter mascara (I forgot to photograph this) and Hey presto! We're done. 

         Confession: Admittedly, this is quite a glittery/shimmery eye look. But my motto is 'Go Glitter or Go Home'


To complete the look, I use Carmex (cherry flavoured, duh) because in Autumn, chapped lips are a complete no no! And MAC's Plumful (lustre), such a beautiful shade. 

The Completed Look

Hope you enjoyed this guys! What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

See you in my next post,

Olivia x

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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Topshop AW13 wishlist • oliviamayharker

Hi lovelies,

As you probably all know from my Instagram, I may be a little Topshop obsessed. You got me. Like any loving couple, me and Topshop go through love and hate phases but this Autumn and Winter, I'm craving rather a few items. Here are my top 5 Topshop AW13 picks.

Number 1- This navy blue heart print shirt is one I spied on somebody at college and immediately fell in love. Definitely an Autumn/Winter staple.

Number 2-  The chocolate brown Monk Strap leather boots are a pair of shoes that I am literally lusting after. Not normally being a shoe person, my love for these is a shock. Maybe it's a combination of the fact their such a bargain at £45 and their beauty.

Number 3- Knitwear, knitwear, knitwear. Possibly the love of my life. One of my favourite looks this Autumn is jumpers over dresses. A cream crop cable jumper is something my wardrobe is lacking, and this one is perfect.

Number 4- Velvet and tartan. What more could I ask for? I've been searching high and low for some nice tapered trousers for a while now and these Topshop beauties are the one.

Number 5-  Shorts aren't usually my thing, but these checked little numbers are just wow! I think these would be perfect with a little blouse, jumper, woolly tights and little booties for crisp winters days.

Would love to have my hands on all of these and hopefully I will at Christmas time. 
Let me know in the comments what you think of my choices. What's on your Autumn wish list?

See you next time,

Olivia x

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Monday, 21 October 2013

Babyliss Curl Secret review • oliviamayharker

Hey lovelies,

Here I am again with another cheeky post. This ones all about hair! Now luckily, I was some would say blessed with naturally thick, long, dark hair. Ever since I was a new born baby my head has never been short of hair. 
One down side of this is how hard it is to tackle.
Any heat styling took me nearly an hour and a half so there was no chance of me getting curly hair before college unless I got up before the crack of dawn, no thank you. 

 HOWEVER, there has been a revolution in Babyliss Head quarters, it's the curl secret! 
 This new styling product is the new quick and easy way forward when it comes to curling your hair. 
Now, I was browsing around Boots about 2 weeks a go, and as my mum and dad work in Boots HQ in Nottingham, I'd heard a lot about the curl secret already. When a lady told me a woman on the Bumble and Bumble stand was testing it out on people, I practically ran towards it. She sat me down and did my whole head in just over 10 minutes. Can you believe it? She also used some great Bumble and Bumble products that have been, cheekily, added to my Christmas list. From then on in, I just had to have it! My mum agreed to buy it as an early present for Christmas, and I couldn't wait to have a go. 

'But Olivia, how do you use the Curl Secret?' I hear you ask. Well, you hold the barrel to your head and slot a piece of hair in, you clamp down, and your hair will then be sucked up inside the barrel, DON'T BE AFRAID LADIES! (There is a very small chance of your hair getting tangled or stuck if you use it right!) There are three timer settings on the curl secret, 8, 10 and 12, then 2 heat settings. For the timer settings, if you select 8, there will be three, slow beeps followed by 4 quick beeps to let you know your curl is ready, release the clamp and ABRACADABRA! 8 will create loose waves, 10 soft curls and with 12 you get a much more defined curl, almost ringlet like.

First of all you have to make sure your hair is silky smooth. you can back comb and ruffle up your hair as much as you want when you've finished, but for now make sure it is completely tangle free zone. I use a Tangle Teezer for this. Section out your hair into sections no larger than 3cm. Just clamp away after this and go around your whole head, curling and sectioning.

                                                          The finished result

Spot the cat
This took me around 20 minutes to do, and I'm getting quicker. Admittedly, it is rather an expensive hair tool at £119.99. Link here
But totally worth it! The perfect Christmas present. Will you be adding it to your list?

Let me know in the comments what you'd like to see from me next and also what you think of my hair and the curl secret.

See you again soon,

Olivia x

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Ps, I did a quick video of me using the curl secret on my personal Instagram (oliviaharker) Go take a look at it in action!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

The perfect Autumn/Winter Coat • oliviamayharker

Hello again guys
Another post, are you impressed? This ones all about my search for the PERFECT winter coat. Now, I do a lot of online browsing when it comes to shopping, otherwise I get in a 'right tiswas' when I'm out in the real world.
These are just some of the few that I've scouted down on the web! 
 Number 1- Now now now, this beauty is an absolute bargain from New Look at £39.99! I love the boyfriend fit, and grey is very in for Autumn! The only issue with this one (as I had a nosey at it in store) is that it is rather thin, this one might be better for crisp Autumnal mornings rather than snowy winter's nights.

Number 2- This checked little number is from Miss Selfridge, and I absolutely love the burgundy print, perfect for this time of year! The faux fur collar is just another touch that I love, can't beat a bit of faux fur for the winter!

Number 3- Where do I even start with number 3? 'WOW' was the word I said when I saw this from across the Zara store in York, I'm not going to lie, I ran the the length of the shop just to touch this.The boyfriend fit, the navy and yellow, everything! Mustard yellow is one of my favourite colours, and this would be perfect to incorporate into any winter wardrobe!

Number 4- H&M have done it again! They've bought of this beauty for only £35! The colour is what attracted me to this, and isn't it lovely? Also available in grey, there is something for everyone at H&M this autumn.

Number 5- And finally, this Topshop classic has been in my basket patiently waiting to be bought since Autumn began. I love the neck line on this jacket, something that makes it stand out against the rest of the pack!

That's a rap guys! My top 5 winter coat picks! Let me know what one was your favourite or if you've seen any beautiful jackets whilst shopping, tell me about them in the comments.

Once again, see you in my next post,

Olivia x 

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Saturday, 19 October 2013

RSC Stratford OOTD • oliviamayharker

Guess who's back?  

It's me! Maybe you've forgotten all about me, but I'm Olivia, and if you cast your minds back to the beginning of this year you might be able to remember that I dipped my toe into blogging under the name o 'DeJanvierFleur'. However, you may notice that I'm here again with a new name, which everyone knows me as, Olivia May Harker!

Now that little intro is out of the way, I'm going to talk about my trip to Stratford at the start of the month. This trip was a part of my Drama course at college; we went to see 'Candide' by Mark Ravenhill at the RSC Swan Theatre. First of all, I'd recommend to EVERYONE to either read it or, if you get the chance, go and see it. It's such a clever modern play based on the original by Voltaire and this is what I have to write my first piece on for coursework. Anyway, enough of the boring stuff!

 Leather Jacket- New Look
Cream Sheer Shirt- Topshop (old)
Brooch- Antique
White vest top (underneath shirt)- New Look
Burgundy Paisley Tube Skirt- Miss Selfridge
Shoes- Primark
Bag- Topshop
Traditional Autumnal feet shot
Candide tickets with my chums!
Got left behind by the group because I was snapping this shot of the canal and the geese

The RSC (up close)

I enjoyed a lovely Venti Salted Caramel Mocha by the canal (my autumn Starbucks go to)
And a funny one for the end, my love on the side of a canal boat, selling ice cream
 That's all for now lovelies, I really hoped you enjoyed seeing some photos from my trip. Please leave me some comments and let me know what you'd like to see from me in the future!

Talk to you again soon,

Olivia x

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